Flammable safety storage cabinet by FM Approvals
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Flammable Safety Cabinet Manufacturer Approved By FM.
Combustible Liquid Storage Cabinets
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All Chung Fu SafetyStar® series cabinets are FM Approved and comply with NFPA and OSHA regulations.

The SafetyStar® flammable safety storage cabinet is the first Asian storage cabinet certified by FM Approvals. Yakos65 hopes to meet its clients' highest quality standards by implementing the most stringent international testing procedures to enhance workplace safety. Yakos65 believes that a safe environment is the only way forward.

Provides workers and environment optimum safety and quality assurance.
Same functions and design characteristics as the flammable liquid storage cabinets.
Suitable for storing paints, inks and mineral oil.
Double-wall cabinet construction with heavy-duty steel and 38mm air space efficiently isolates from combustion.
Non-sparking, 3-point linked latching device provides superior security.
Dual vents with flame arrester placed on both sides of the cabinets. Adjustable steel shelf can hold 120kg load.

Combustible Liquid Storage Cabinets Combustible Liquid Storage Cabinets Combustible Liquid Storage Cabinets
Manual / self-closing
single-door cabinets
Manual / self-closing
single-door cabinets
Manual / self-closing
single-door cabinets

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