Biosafety Cabinet-NSF Certified; Flammable safety storage cabinet-Manufacturer FM Approval
Benefits from Yakos65
Yakos65 product ranges are certified by international organization including NSF, MET and FM from America as well as CFDA from China. We offer wide range of support services to our distributors all over the World and provide support to combine participation in varies exhibitions around the globe.

We offer competitive pricing throughout our distribution channel with superior product quality. We guarantee all of our products are tested and passed inspection before leaving the factory and is delivered to the customer on time.

We deeply believed that good business partnerships are two or more companies working together towards the same goal and benefit from this co-operation and not just benefit from one side. With Yakos65, we guarantee we are able to bring substantial profit through this partnership.

Do not hesitate & act now! Be one of our distributors.
World MAP with distributors
Yakos65  World MAP with distributors

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