Flammable Safety Cabinet FAQ
Q1:Are all Yakos65 safety cabinets need to have self-latching mechanism?
  A1: YES. According to NFPA, OSHA, and FM expectations, it is necessary to have the 3-point self-latching system. The self-latching system also makes door operation much smoother and easy. This is critical because an unlatched safety cabinet leaves the flammable contents exposed to a potential fire and may lead to much bigger fire.

Q2:Do your products comply with OSHA & NFPA regulations?
  A2: Yes. All Yakos65 equipment is designed to meet OSHA, FM and NFPA standards. All safety cabinets products have also been tested by Factory Mutual Research (FM).

Q3:Which cabinets to choose to meet my needs?
Several factors should be taken into consideration:
Type of chemical being stored
Capacity needed
Compliance and regulatory requirements
Door-closure (Manual/Self-Closing)
Quality & Warranty

Q4:What features come with Yakos65 safety cabinets?
Heavy-duty, reinforced 18-gauge all-welded construction
Door stop at any position @ 90°-180°
Double wall construction with 1 ½” air space
Galvanized steel shelving
3-point self-latching doors with all non-spark latching
Flush mounted locking handle
Continuous piano hinge
Adjustable zinc plated leveling legs
Two 2” vents with flash arrestors
Large warning label
Static grounding bolt complies with 2006 OSHA Regulations
Leak proof sill 2” deep
Finished in 2-part, chemical resistant and impact resistant urethane paint

Q5:What are the difference between standard door and sliding door?
  A5: All Yakos65 safety cabinets are Self-Latching.
The standard door model has a full piano hinge that will latch when door(s) are shut.
The sliding door model has a spring-loaded hydraulic controlled closer to employ OSHA, 8 second Pinch-Point Regulation.  Each sliding door cabinet comes with a fusible link to hold the door open during cabinet use.  Fusible link will melt at 165° for automatic closure in case of fire.

Q6:Safety cabinet door is not closing properly, how can I put it right?
  A6: When the doors won’t completely close is because the cabinet isn’t leveled. Use the leveling legs that are located on the bottom 4 corners of the cabinet and adjust them until the doors are aligned.

Q7:What is the loading capacity for the steel shelf?
  A7: Each shelf can load up to 120kg.

Q8:What colours are available for the safety cabinets?
  A8: Specific colors are commonly used to stored different materials (ie. Yellow = flammable, Blue = acid/corrosives, Red = combustion liquid, Green = pesticides), there are no official colour coding or color requirement for a storage cabinet.
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