zebra fish housing system
  Photoperiod Zebra Fish Housing System
PVC-fabricated main structure, corrosion-resistant.
Electric roller blinds ( able to control roller blinds up / down to stop at any position ).
Fluorescent lamps operate in coordination with the electric roller blinds to proceed the photoeriod experiment and accelerate the incubation.
Able to control the on / off and timer function of fluorescent lamp layer by layer.
Integrated the mechanical, biological and chemical filtration systems as a whole.
Gravitational flow filtration system for energy saving.
Optional devices: pH meter, flow meter, DO ( dissolved oxygen ) meter, conductivity meter.
Custom-made system is available.
Yakos65 Photoperiod Zebra Fish Housing System
Yakos65 Photoperiod Zebra Fish Housing System
1550*475*2405 mm
 3L*45 tanks
Yakos65 Photoperiod Zebra Fish Housing System
Installed the French SMOFY tubing roller shutter, quiet and silent during operation, energy saving, equipped with overheating auto-protection device, adjustable height of roller blinds.
Yakos65 Photoperiod Zebra Fish Housing System
An independent water inlet valve is mounted to every layer of rack and each fish tank.



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